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About SparKlean

 SparKlean Service Limited is incorporated under the Companies Act, 2002 since 26th November, 2015 and the company is Limited.
SparKlean Service Limited Code of Conduct outlines the main principles of SparKlean corporate responsibility, as well as personal, ethical and professional principles which all SparKlean Service Limited employees should adhere to.

Our company provides services in different categories; Commercial and Residential Cleaning, Hygiene Services, Specialized Cleaning, Maid Service, Fumigation and Landscaping Chamber/Sewerage Cleaning and Exterior Window Cleaning.


SparKlean is a cleaning provider in Tanzania. We are committed to delivering high quality cleaning in order meet growing demand of Maintenance and Cleaning with the latest art of technology in order to satisfy our customer requirement.


To ensure the customer gets the best service available in the maintenance and cleaning in order to provide Customer Satisfaction.



Honesty and Integrity

SparKlean Service Limited will provide customers with accurate information,and will only make commitments that we can live up to. In our way of working, we attach a great deal of importance to humility and honesty; with respect for human values, we promise to serve our customers with integrity.

Care and Respect

It is of essence that we behave with care and respect required In private homes or offices. We will do our utmost to provide our customer with clear and consistent information on the scope, process, timelines and current status of the work.


Professional Behavior

SparKlean employees are expected to undertake their duties in a professional, responsible and ethical manner and to act in the best interest of SparKlean. Equipment and property should be treated with due care, and should only be used with due care, and should only be used in the course of SparKlean’s business. It is forbidden for employees to be under the influence of alcohol or other drug substances on work sites.

Health and Safety

During process of being trained, our employees are not only taught how to clean, and use of the required equipment in various situations, but also taught how to handle chemicals that maybe harmful and to what quantity. We also provide safety equipment’s for our employees such as boots, masks and gloves.

Equality of Opportunity

Employees are recruited and promoted solely on their basis of qualifications for the job, regardless gender, race, ethnic background, culture, sexual orientation, age, religion or any other factor will be supported and encouraged to perform to their potential.


Free Quotes

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SparKlean’s office working hours are from Mon to Friday 0800 to 1730 and Sat 0800 to 1230. However we are always available through these numbers +255 693 133 333 or you can send an email to info@sparklean.co.tz and we will get back to you before end of the business day.


Our recruitment process is mostly done through students who have undergone formal training on Basic Cleaning Skills through institutions such as VETA or any other. However, no matter their qualifications, once hired, our employees undergo immense training by our company cleaning experts.