Commercial Cleaning

SparKlean Service Limited delivers unequaled results cost effectively, in the most challenging situations. With every problem we solve, every service we perform, we have a single objective “Customer Satisfaction”. SparKlean Service Limited offers professional commercial cleaning services to businesses in Tanzania. Our goal is to make your facility a pristine environment for business. Leaving the cleaning to us will be one less thing your company will have to worry about and will allow your employees to increase their productivity.

Commercial Cleaning Service Include: 

  • Facility Maintenance
  • Floor Cleaning Services
  • Janitorial Services
  • Glass and Building Facade Cleaning

Daily Cleaning Services

  • Removing of any grease marks or finger Services scope of prints from walls, doors, door frames, activities windows and window frames.
  • Machine scrub, internal hard floor surfaces
  • Sweeping all types of floors.
  • Mopping all type of floors.
  • Dusting and wipe down of all furniture, fixture and fittings.
  • Removal of garbage to designated area.
  • Clean thoroughly all accessible glass activities internally and externally.
  • Vacuuming all types of rugs, carpets, runners and carpet protectors.
  • Deep cleaning of toilet facilities including toilets, bathrooms, mirrors, partition walls, shower cubical and Jacuzzi.
  • Emptying of office solid waste, namely; wastepaper baskets, ash trays, shredders and cleaning them before returning to their respective offices.
  • Cleaning of all types of cutlery.
  • Cleaning and wipe down of elevators.
  • Cleaning thoroughly all ceiling fans.

Weekly Cleaning Service

  • Polishing of all surfaces.
  • Cleaning of skirting and walls.
  • Removal of cobwebs.
  • Cleaning of windows.
  • Deep cleaning of toilets.
  • Polishing of floors.

Monthly Cleaning Service

  • Scrubbing of floor surfaces using scrubbing machine.
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing of touch Objects such as keyboards, handsets.
  • Moving of furniture and deep cleaning in  hidden areas.

Quarterly Cleaning Service

  • Shampooing of carpets.
  • Deep cleaning of escalators.
  • Steam cleaning of toilet sterilization

Hygiene Services

Sanitary Bins

  • Supply and service of quality sanitary bins.
  • Cleaning, sanitizing of ladies sanitary bins as per agreed schedule; twice, thrice or four times a month.
  • Transporting and incarcerating the sanitary bin waste as stipulated by law

Soap Dispensers

  • Supply and installing of soap dispensers In the bathrooms.
  • Ensuring dispensers are regularly refilled to ensure availability of soap
  • Supply of bacterial soap.

Waste Management

  • We pick up and incinerate biohazard Disposal waste.
  • We offer recycling options for our clients

Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser

  • Supply and installation of automatic air freshener dispenser.
  • Replacing refill canisters once per month or as per required.
  • Replacing batteries once per month or as per required.

Hand Driers

  • Supply and installing hand driers at aOnetime cost

Tissue Towel Roll

  • Supply and install tissue towel roll dispensers.
  • Tissue towel rolls supplied on a monthly basis based on consumption.

Specialized Cleaning Services

SparKlean offers variety of specialized cleaning services to ensure everything is as clean as a whistle. You can rest assure that our fully trained employees will meet all your requirements, and ensure everything is neat n’ tidy when you return.

Specialized Service includes

  • Complete Cleaning for offices and homes.
  • Upholstery Deep Cleaning – Sofas and chairs.
  • „Carpet and Rug Cleaning.
  • Bathroom and toilet hygiene.
  • Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning.

  • Cleaning of Flooring – terrazzo, tiles, parquet, and stone.
  • „Car interior.
  • Move in & Move out Cleaning Services – offered before and/or after a tenant moves in/out.
  • „Post construction cleaning – for homes, offices and buildings after the contractors have completed their job.
  • „Final Cleaning – offered a day or two before new tenants moves in.

Fumigation Services

Fumigation service includes

  • Warehouse fumigation
  • „General insects, pest and Rodent control.
  • Termite control treatment for buildings.

  • Household fumigation and pest control.
  • Offices and warehouse fumigation and pest control.
  • „Kitchen fumigation and pest control.

Lanscapping Services

SparKlean provides three types of landscaping packages

Hard Landscaping

Which involves designing and creating garden from scratch to something the customer wouldn’t mind looking at every day.

Soft Landscaping

Which involves improving an already existing garden by adding soil and organic manure and replacing dead shrubs and plants.


This involves maintaining an already existing garden by applying fertilizer and insecticide and removing weeds.


Free Quotes

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SparKlean’s office working hours are from Mon to Friday 0800 to 1730 and Sat 0800 to 1230. However we are always available through these numbers+255 713 100 100 and +255 693 133 333 or you can send an email to and we will get back to you before end of the business day.


Our recruitment process is mostly done through students who have undergone
formal training on Basic Cleaning Skills through institutions such as VETA or any
other. However, no matter their qualifications, once hired, our employees
undergo immense training by our company cleaning experts.